Solar Panels and the Sky



People-led, practical solutions to the energy crisis and the climate emergency in Lewisham


We are Lewisham. People in a borough that fights for social justice and gets things done.

Our aim is to involve every resident, business and institution in cutting greenhouse gases and reducing our energy bills.

We aspire to be the flagship borough for NET ZERO, an example and inspiration for action across the UK and beyond.

We are a coalition of people, charities, and statutory organisations that will provide solutions to tackle climate change and improve our environment.

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solar power


Global Climate Strike 09-20-2019

CLimate Investment FUND

Renewable energy for all of Lewisham

Changing to cheaper, cleaner renewable energy

While many of us are being forced to choose between heating and eating, energy companies are reaping trillions in profit. While many of us lose money through energy inefficiency, energy CEOs are gaining millions in bonuses. We want to leave this model behind.

We are building a system that puts the power in our hands (pun intended!). Our partner South East Community Energy (SELCE) is a not-for-profit company that specialises in providing advice about home energy use, energy efficiency services, and solar power to schools and others. SELCE will work with Power In Our Hands as part of our goal to achieve net zero— a first step in our transition away from expensive and damaging fossil fuel dependency. Together, we want to help Lewisham cut carbon emissions and keep power affordable, clean, and community-based.

Click for more information including a SELCE Energy Café intro-video.

And if you would like to become a Power In Our Hands volunteer email us.

Monthly Utility Bills
African Woman Breathing Clean Air

CLEANER AIR and A healthy environment

Imagine what a Lewisham with clean air and thriving nature would be like. Greenery everywhere and delicious gulps of air. Everyone wants— and deserves— cleaner air and a healthy environment. We can achieve this by banding together with determination and a commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions. Let’s make this vision a reality.

Lewisham Council and SELCE provide some advice on how to lower energy use. The tools are out there, and so is the energy! Together we can create the future we choose, so let’s act now.


We need all the help we can get, right? Let's imagine for a second that Aliens visited Power In Our Hands to help the people of Lewisham improve the environment and achieve Net Zero. What would that look like? Check out this video below for inspiration...

Help keep Lewisham's air Clean

Terraced Victorian homes in London

Make Changes At Home

Turn off unused lights and electricity outlets.

Friends in the Park

Gather friends & family

Participate together in positive action and sharing advice.

Street trees

Plant Trees

Join in with neighbours to plant trees in your street or garden.

Car Exhaust Smoke Closeup

Don't Idle Your Car

Switch off your vehicle engine when stationary. Walk or wheel more.

Net zero by 2050. Carbon neutral. Net zero greenhouse

Climate IMPACT

Consider climate impact at home, work and business.

Person Holding Clear Light Bulb

More Ideas?

If you've got more ideas, please send them to us.

CLimate Justice

Climate Justice speaks to the understanding that the climate crisis is disproportionately generated by the Global North (richer countries) and disproportionately impacts the Global South (poorer countries). With this knowledge comes the action of addressing the climate crisis through a lens of equality and justice.

Socioeconomic factors such as race, citizenship status and income, merge to create unequal experiences within countries and communities, mirroring global inequalities.

The current energy crisis impacts the poorest hardest. Our energy costs are high because the energy companies set the prices. If they were based on the costs of renewable energy our bills would be around 80% less and affordable to all.

Climate and Social Justice is core to the objectives of Power In Our Hands.

People Holding Human Rights Placards